Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Dry Needling and what does it do?

Sterile acupuncture needles are used to address neuromusculoskeletal dysfunctions.  A variety of techniques can be utilized depending upon your individual needs.


Does Lamonde Wellness do the same manipulations as a Chiropractor?

Joint manipulation is a manual skill that can be possessed by a number of medical providers including physical therapists, doctors of osteopathy, chiropractors and others depending upon where you are in the world. Lamonde Wellness may perform many of the same or similar techniques. The philosophical or diagnostic basis may vary.  We base our treatments on neuromusculoskeletal diagnosis and do not attest to the subluxation theory that is the foundation of chiropractic teaching.


Can you send me a receipt for my insurance?

Yes, We provide each patient with an itemized and coded statement that you can submit to your insurance on your own if you choose to do so.


What does an evaluation consist of?

As with all of our appointments, we set aside a private hour to perform a complete history and thorough physical examination that encompasses you as a whole person and not just an injured part.  We then discuss our findings with you and come to an agreement on a plan of care.


If I have several different treatments during my visit will I be billed more?

Billing at Lamonde Wellness is calculated based on duration only.  Regardless of what treatments you receive, you will only be billed for the amount of time your appoint requires.


What is different about Lamonde Wellness when it comes to treatment?

At Lamonde Wellness, all appointments are one on one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  This allows for a full and thorough evaluation to examine you as an entire person as opposed to just one component or body part.  We provide comprehensive services that include rehabilitation, nutrition counseling and personal training in addition to physical therapy.  Our providers are trained at the highest levels beyond what is found in a typical outpatient orthopedic physical therapy setting.


Why do you not accept insurance?

By removing third-party payers from the equation, we are not limited by them (e.g.: insurance companies) to any certain treatment method or duration.  This also means that a physician referral is not needed for you to visit us.  The forms and other paperwork required by such providers is also eliminated vastly reducing the amount of resources needed thereby minimizing overhead cost - a savings which we can pass on to you.  All of this results in better care within an appropriate time frame for our patients.


Will I have to attend several times a week or for how long will I have to attend?

Duration and frequency of care is unique for each patient and will be determined after a thorough examination.  It is our goal to provide the care you need and get you well and back to the lifestyle you enjoy as quickly as possible.  We generally don't see patients more than twice per week and will work to reduce frequency as appropriate.