Dr. Tiffany Lamonde

Dr. Lamonde was born in Bar Harbor Maine and grew up at the ski resort Sugarloaf Maine.  She was a competitive athlete with her highest accolades in cross-country and downhill skiing. Tiffany determined at the young age of thirteen that she wanted to be a physical therapist. During high school, she also found a passion for nutrition and personal training. This is where her mission for overall wellness began. She applied to Physical Therapy school at Simmons College in Boston where she was accepted into the program from high school.  Tiffany became a personal trainer and group fitness instructor her first year of school while playing varsity soccer.  In her first three years, she completed her core work to go on to graduate school a year early. During her first year of graduate school, she finished her undergraduate degrees in Nutrition and Health Science with a minor in Biology.  While doing her Masters degree in Physical Therapy, she began her Doctoral work in Physical Therapy as well.  In 2002, she graduated with both her Masters and Doctorate in Physical Therapy on the same day!

After graduation she moved to be with her husband and grow her family and practice. Tiffany has worked at Northside Forsyth, Habersham Medical Center, and Benchmark Physical Therapy prior to opening Lamonde Wellness in 2014. In December of 2014, Tiffany graduated with her diploma in Osteopractic and In June of 2015 she completed an Orthopaedic Fellowship. Dr. Lamonde has a passion for knowledge, evidence, and teaching. Tiffany has worked with dozens of interns over the years and was on faculty with the Benchmark Residency Program and is currently a teaching assistant with the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy. She continually pursues advanced education, training, and certifications to allow her to better serve her patients. Dr. Lamonde has spent years developing a treatment approach that focuses on health and wellness.